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History of the ADO

At the time of the November 2006 election, the only Democrat that represented the people of Aldan was then Governor, Ed Rendell.  All other elected officials from the borough council to the U.S. Senate were Republican.  Frank Lane, an Aldan Democrat, recruited a handful of fellow Democrats to urge Aldan voters to vote for Democrats on Election Day 2006, and two Democrats won: Senator Bob Casey and Congressman Joe Sestak.

Encouraged by the election results, Frank invited a group of six Democrats—Rick Ellis, Donna Henry, Tim Jest, Art Kelly, Yves St Pierre, and Dan Procopio—to a reorganization meeting on August 1, 2007 at the office of Cliff Wilson, the Delaware County Democratic Chair. That group became the Aldan Democratic Organization (ADO).

Rick Ellis of Chester Avenue became the first Chair, and since 2008 the ADO has run Democrats in every race.

The first Democrats to win an elected position in Aldan’s 124-year history were Michael Ceci as Eastern Precinct Judge of Election and Anna Jane Neilson as Eastern Precinct Majority Inspector. Jerry Barber, our current tax collector, after a tie vote on election night 2017, became Aldan's first Democrat and first minority to win a higher elected office. After the tie election, he won his position by a lottery in late November at the Delaware County Election Bureau.

On November 5, 2019, Aldan voters elected the first Democrats to represent them on the Aldan Borough Council and the William Penn School Board. Harold "Buddy" Borders, Caroline McKernan, Joyce Lambert, and Dan Procopio were elected to Borough Council, and Wadiya Ivery was elected as the Aldan representative to the William Penn School Board.


ADO Officers

Michael Ceci - Chair

Joyce Lambert - Vice Chair

Kate Blunt- Secretary 

Rachel Wishnoff - Recording Secretary

Paul Cheeseman - Treasurer

Donna Henry - Assistant Treasurer

Elected Committee Members:

Paul Cheeseman

Donna Henry

Rachel Milano-Davis

Beth Salkind

Appointed Committee Members:

Kate Blunt

Kate Epps

Roxanne Norman

Rachel Wishnoff

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Email: aldandemocrats@gmail.com

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